• Tails should be docked within a few days of birth. Optional removal of dew claws done at the same time.
  • Ear Cropping is optional for show and pet Boxers in Canada. If you wish to crop your pup it should be done between 7 and 9 weeks of age and your breeder should advise you as to taping and after care.
  • Show males must have two testicles descended into the scrotum. A dog with undescended testicles may not be shown in Conformation but makes a fine pet and is
  • White Boxers or Boxers with predominately white background colour are a disqualification in the breed standard and cannot be shown nor should they be bred. Breeders who belong to National Breed Clubs will not register white puppies.
  • Avoid the unusually quiet, inactive puppy or the one that shys away from you. This could mean a fault in temperament or even ill health.
  • Puppies should remain with their littermates until the age of 8 weeks for proper socialization.