Ch Shadowdale's Road To Glory
Sire: Ch Shadowdale's Limited Edition Dam:Shadowdale's April Love.
born September 17th, 2000 

Owner/Handler:Mary L. Curl


A very enthusiastice little girl, Glory strutts her stuff. Leaping into the air she free baits and drops four square every time. Glory lives with two wonderful people, Debrah & Bob Buckle, Toronto, ON who dote on her and her half brother Cunni. Thanks Deb & Bob for taking such good care of Glory.

  • At the Boxer Club of Canda Specialty (her first show) Glory was second in her class in both the Sweeps & the regular show.
  • Glory's took winners bitch two days at the Nippissing Kennel Club show for 4 points, her first time out at all breed shows.
  • Trillium Shows - WB both days entered for 2 more points - second all breed weekend out.
  • Northern Ontario Boxer Club Specialty - WB for 5 points to finish
  • Only defeated twice at All breed and once at Specialties
  • A littermate to Ch Shadowdale's Road To Zaracon & Ch Shadowdale Like A Rock
Shadowdale Boxers Perm. Reg. * Mary L. Curl - Keswick, Ontario Canada - 905-476-4792 *

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