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Recipient of the Boxer Club of Canada's 'Special Service Award' - Recognizing members that have made ‘Continuous Special Contributions to the Club’, have been ‘Ambassadors for the Club and the Breed’ and have shown ‘Commitment and Dedication’
over a span of years.

About Me

My whole life has been spent in the company of Pure Bred dogs. My Father bred and showed Borzoi under the 'Cossack' prefix berfore I was born and Wire Haired Fox Terriers under the' Bar-B' prefix when I was small. When I was eight years old we moved to the country and not long after that Dad & I rescued a pure bred Irish Setter that was being abused by a neighbour. After 'Duke' died and even though I thought I would like to raise Setters, my sister gave me a pure bred Boxer female. 'Beauty' was the start of my love affair with the Boxer breed and the beginning of 'Shadowdale'.

How did I decide on the kennel name Shadowdale? When I was in High School one day two peices of paper just happened to be side by side. One was a piece of homework from a friend named Dale and the other had the name of my current dog 'Shadow' on it. It just sounded right - 'Shadowdale'. I know that since then the name Shadowdale' has been used for a role playing game (swords and sorcery type) but I used it first :) It was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in 1964.

Our dogs live in the house with us and are part of our family. We believe that a well socialized puppy makes a better pet and/or showdog. We like to stay in touch with those who have adopted our babies. Our aim is to have Boxers that are sound in mind and body and have true Boxer type.

There have been over 50 Conformation Champions, many Group winners, BPIS & BPISS winners, Best in Sweeps winners, more than 35 Champion producers, and many Obedience title holders and Champions that carry the 'Shadowdale' prefix. Other kennels have started or re-started with our dogs and had winning results. Our dogs have been used for Therapy work. Many have Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International, Agility and Fly Ball tiles, but more importantly have done the work, and for Therapy, the visitations that these titles suggest.

Two of our dogs have worked on a day to day basis with a Psychiatrist (President of the American Pshyciatiric Association, at the time) in her practice. Shadowdale Boxers can be found in many parts of the world and we are proud of the contribution our dogs have made. We aim to have all our pups go to homes where they will live a long happy and life.

I am a Life Member of the Canadian Kennel Club, Honourary (Life) member, Recordng Secretary / Web Admin / Co-Awards Statistician & On many committees of the Boxer Club of Canada and also, Charter Member of the Northern Ontario Boxer Club (Treasurer / Past President / Webmaster) and member/Webmaster of the Georgina Kennel & Obedience Club.